Pattern for Yoshi

20 Nov

This is RoboTrish’s pattern for the Yoshi I’m making. So far its pretty easy to do, except I’ve made three boots. If you crochet tightly, like I did the first one, you get a pretty small boot. now when I used the little step-by-step guide like post by Cats-Rockin-Crochet Fibre Artist, which I suggest you do because it’s really awesome and helpful, my boot was extremely tiny compared to the boots on there. So I tried again and got a slightly bigger one. Then I tried to match the one I had made, and got an extremely bigger boot, by crocheting pretty loosely. So from then on, I crocheted pretty loosely, and everything’s been pretty normal, except I’m scared to try another boot.

I’ve read the comments on people who have used her pattern, and the only problem they’ve seemed to have is the eyes, which I have not tried yet. But she has commented back on her solutions so I’m sure its do-able.


Since I don’t have my Yoshi finished, I’ll post the picture on her blog

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